Make this recipe from the Arancini Brothers to get a taste of Italy.

“It’s easy to make our little risotto balls – but not that easy! Enjoy getting it not quite right, then refine and change. That’s how we ended up with this recipe in the first place!” – Arancini Brothers


2 large brown onions
1 head garlic
2 tbsp chopped thyme
250g Aborio rice
1 litre Vegetable stock
50gm Salted Butter
Oil for frying
150g mozzerella cheese
100g cheddar cheese
100g parmesan cheese
3 tbsp chives
6 tbsp parsley
1 lemon
1 orange
2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
100g rice flour
Salt and pepper (to taste)



1. Get the vegetable stock boiling in the small pot. While that’s going, finely dice your onions and garlic

2. Fry the onions and garlic in a bit of oil and the butter. Just before they start to colour, add your rice and thyme. Fry that for 1 minute (it can stick!). Now start adding the stock. You want to be adding about 1 cup every 3 minutes. Do not stop stirring the rice! The idea is to let all the stock be absorbed, then add more. Try to soak up all the stock over 15 or so minutes. This is the real challenge. Not too hot, not too fast, not too cold, not too slow. When the rice is nice and firm, with no hard core in the middle of the grain, remove from the pot and spread over a tray, to cool it quickly. A nice breezy place is great.

3. Grate all the cheese, zest and juice the citrus fruits, finely chop the herbs and mix it all together.

4. Get your now warm rice back in the big pot and mix it with the cheese and herbs. Taste it and add salt and pepper where needed. Wipe out the small pot (no need for excess dishes) and put the rice flour in.

5. With slightly wet hands, form the warm mix into golf balls, cover and roll back into golf balls. Dust in rice flour and fill that tray. Cover in cling film and refrigerate. When it’s serving time just fry them in some hot vegetable oil, about 5 minutes. We deep-fry ours for good health, but just a little oil in a pan is fine.

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