Northern Lights Casino Weekend – Casino Wi

It is no wonder the Northern Lights are like a beacon in northern Europe and particularly in Sweden, Finland and Norway. With the snow melting and the sun shining through the clear blue skies, the whole world is trying to enjoy the fun filled, magical, Northern Lights Casino Weekend. Are you going?

northern lights casino wi

The Northern Lights appear when solar storms occur when Jupiter and Saturn are caught up in their orbits. The planet Venus can be seen in the sky as well, with the temperature on Earth dropping down as low as negative two degrees.

The Casino Weekend starts in Helsinki, Finland on March the 2nd and ends in Turku, Finland on March the 8th. I’m so excited to get there but also worried about how I am going to be able to stay warm.

We packed plenty of extra clothes for the trip, which is good because we will be hiking through a region of Europe known for its bitterly cold winters, even on those beautiful, bright, spring and summer days. There are also several hiking routes we are taking and most people walk one of them at least twice per day.

When we were planning our travel dates, we decided to start in Helsinki, Finland because it is the capital city and the main tourist attraction of Finland and therefore the place where we would stay in the city of Casino Wi. The plan was to hike to Mount Vanhalaen and then camp out for a couple of nights in the village of Springhult and then hike to Casino Wi. Our objective was to take a group trip but we were too tired to have much of a plan in the beginning.

As soon as we got to Casino Wi, we wanted to try the Geyser Park, which was located right next to the place where we had planned to camp out. We took a look at the Geyser Park’s website before we got there and knew that we would be having fun, however, when we got there we were a little disappointed.

All the fun seemed to be gone. There were no slopes, you could not stand up on the walls, and we really had to push ourselves to try anything, including the once famous Messner’s Mountain Slide.

At the end of the day, we still had fun because we had hiked a lot of great trails that went through forests, forests that were covered in snow and when we took the Geyser Park trail, we had fun doing it. However, we still had a lot of problems with the white out that was covering the sky and making everything look gloomy. The great part about the trip is that you never know what to expect and you are surrounded by some truly amazing places.