With the return of Street Feast’s #DalstonYard and the new #ModelMarket, plus Fairground (how will my belly cope?) here’s THE essential guide to squeezing in as much food, drink and vibes to all you Street Feasters, old and new.

1. Do get there as early as you can, especially if it’s Friday evening. There’s no need to stay late at work: your deadlines don’t matter anymore, your targets should have been met and if they haven’t been met, tough luck. It’s time to feast.

2. Go with a friend, or friends. This is the perfect excuse to share and try starters, sliders, everything, from as many traders as possible. You also fit in more food. #shameless

3. Start with a festival cocktail. Once you have one of these in your hands, stroll your way around the foodie traders. This is essential in planning your meal (s) ahead and getting the night started.


4. Less is more. There is no shame in making a pig of yourself. None at all. If you’re on a date this is the ultimate test.

5. Revel. Gossip away, dance away, people watch (yes, we all do it).

6. British Summer Time. Sunshine is not guaranteed. We do not live in the Caribbean. So expect rain occasionally. This will not stand in the way of food.

7. Pace… is essential. Give your belly a rest and go back for more after, let’s see, 10 minutes?

Food stalls and dishes at Street Feast.

Food stalls and dishes at Street Feast.

8. Queue flirt. Why not? Just hope he/she doesn’t have a gf/bf sat elsewhere.

9. Eat, eat and eat.

10. And repeat… the following weekend. With 15 weeks of #ModelMarket and 20 weeks of #DalstonYard there’s no excuse. None whatsoever.


#DalstonYard starts 16th/17th May for 20 weekends.

Hartwell Street, E8 3DU

#ModelMarket will run for 15 weekends from mid June.

196 Lewisham High Street, London SE13 6LS

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