Often wrongly considered Champagne’s cheaper cousin, Prosecco DOC is well worth discovering in its own right.

Hailing from the stunning landscapes of northeast Italy, Prosecco DOC has a delicate yet distinct taste and is increasingly populating the wine lists of bars and restaurants around the world. Here we provide 5 top tasting and food-pairing tips from The Wine Tipster Neil Phillips, and Italian Embassy head chef Danilo Cortellini.

What is Prosecco DOC?

Prosecco DOC is an Italian wine produced in one of the 5 Veneto provinces of northeast Italy. The DOC stands for Denominazione di Origine Controllata, which is a guarantee of quality and authenticity (look for this when you buy).

There are several types of Prosecco DOCSpumante (sparkling), Frizzante (semi-sparkling), and Tranquillo (still), as well as Brut (the most dry i.e. least sugar content), Extra-DryDry, and Demi-Sec (the highest sugar content). All Prosecco DOC wines have to have at least 85% Glera grapes. 

Top Tasting and Food Pairing Tips:

1. To taste, the typical characteristics of Prosecco DOC include white floral aromas, green apple and pear on the palate, exotic fruits, and an overall flavour that is fresh and delicate yet zesty.

2. Prosecco DOC pairs particularly well with dishes that combine sharp acidity with more rounded, mellow flavours – particularly cheese and egg based dishes.

3.You can even cook with Prosecco DOC – add a little to an asparagus risotto (as well as stock) and enjoy with a glass of the same Prosecco DOC to really bring out the flavours of the wine.

Try Prosecco DOC with a canape of prawns in olive oil, served with lemon, chilli and burrata

4. Try a Prosecco DOC Brut with a canapé of Sicilian prawns, marinated in olive oil and salt then served with lemon and chilli, with a burrata mousse.

5. Pair a Prosecco DOC Extra-Dry with goats cheese, coated in beetroot powder (slow-roast the beetroot overnight then crumble) and chopped hazelnuts.

Beef tartare pairs well with Prosecco DOC

6. For a more unusual canapé to complement your Prosecco DOCtry beef tartare with marinated egg yolk – leave the yolk mixed with salt, sugar, and pepper until it hardens, then slice thinly on top of the beef.

Prosecco DOC | For more information, visit http://www.prosecco.wine


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