Looking for the ultimate cooking class to impress guests at home with, or simply to brush up on your wok skills? Head to School of Wok’s ‘Understanding The Wok’ class…

What to Expect

First thing’s first – I have to admit that the art of stir frying is totally beyond me. I have never successfully looked at, let alone touched a wok without burning the contents within. But I love the concept of knocking up a super fresh, healthy and quick-to-cook stir fry at a moment’s notice. And that is exactly what the School of Wok’s ‘Understanding The Wok’ class is all about.

It’s a hands-on evening class that teaches you fundamental stir-frying techniques that you can use at home. We learnt everything from knife skills through to using a wok on the common household hob; but above all, we learnt how quickly stir fry at a high heat, without a burnt veggie in sight… true Wok n’ Roll.

Jeremy Pang

Jeremy Pang

How the Class Works

The three-hour class is divided into four stages: Champers and Intro, Prep using a Traditional Chinese Clever-Knife, Cooking with the Wok, and finally, Eating. Our class was led by the brilliant and really funny Jeremy Pang who was wonderful at moving around the class and checking in on our cooking activities.

The constant flow of wine combined with the fact that all your hard work goes towards creating a delicious three-course meal, which you get to sit down and enjoy in the Wok prep room (which is magically turned into a dining room while you’re cooking up a storm in the kitchen) made the evening really special.

Best for…

The chaos that ensued when we all started using our woks was fantastic! The really high heat necessary for cooking the food combined with the constant stirring needed to avoid burning it generated a serious amount of steam, but it was all good fun. And I’m now super confident cooking at speed.

Don't miss classes at the School of Wok

Don’t miss classes at the School of Wok

Top Tips

How to clean your wok: No fairy liquid. It sounds trivial but it was a revelation, as it explained why my stir fries always used to burn and a well looked after wok will ensure that your stir fries don’t stick to the wok.

Season your wok: Once you’ve bought your wok, you need to season it and then care for it. Scour, heat it until it turns dark grey/blue. Allow to cool. Polish the inside with vegetable oil, then heat until it starts to smoke. Once all the smoke disappears it’s ready to use.

Wok care: To clean after use, half fill with hot water and boil vigorously. Clean off any food remains using water and a gentle scrubbing brush.

Future Classes

School of Wok have all sorts of classes on offer, from Dim Sum through to Thai, but the Wok class is a great introduction and teaches you techniques that you can really use at home.

Understanding the Wok Classes are every Wednesday 6.30pm-9.30pm and Saturday 1.30pm-4.30pm. Classes cost £95

School of Wok | 61 Chandos Pl, London WC2N 4HG

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