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Raw food isn’t all carrot sticks and celery, proven by Rawligion’s creative menu of nutritious, feel-good food.

What to Expect

This new plant-based café, inspired by the raw food trends of America’s east coast, aims to take us back to nature and offer an innovative selection of takeaway dishes, smoothies, cold brew and desserts.

Rawligion makes everything on site, starting in the early hours to produce delicious fresh food; and with ingredients including local organic vegetables, fruit, herbs, spices, sprouts, seeds, sea vegetables and cold-pressed oils, this is quite a feat. Add to this the raw chocolates that they create downstairs, the juice machine and the Oji Cold Drip Coffee Tower, you’ve got quite the establishment in a compact space.


Buckwheat porridge

What to Eat

Let’s start with breakfast. If you’re popping by before work, you can choose from Coconut Yoghurt Pots, Chia Puddings, Buckwheat Porridge and a Coconut, Banana and Almond Butter Wrap (where the wrap is made purely from coconut meat). As this place is gluten-free, they’ve found ways to offer the same great texture with none of the carb. Genius.

Take, for example, the sushi. Gone is the rice and fish, and in its place comes cauliflower ‘rice’ (pictured top), coconut flakes, tamari, alfalfa sprouts, red peppers and veggie caviar. Take it from us, it really works. Or try the Tomato Wrap, again wheat is replaced with sundried tomato, dried into a delicious wrap containing fresh vegetable slaw and a rich sunflower dressing.


Spicy Thai Bowl

Then there’s the Spicy Thai Bowl for heat-lovers, packed with courgette, cabbage, almonds, coconut sugar, ginger, tamarind, mung bean sprouts (to name a few). Not forgetting the Crunchy Kelp Noodles, usually this seaweed tastes of nothing, but here it’s covered in a pesto sauce for a low calorie lunch. Your brain thinks noodles, your body thinks seaweed.


Raw Caramel Shortbread

Leave room for dessert, we recommend the Chi Lime Pie made special by using coconut meat, as well as matcha, mucuna and almonds; and chocoholics look out for the indulgent Raw Caramel Shortbread with a buckwheat base, yacon syrup, coconut oil and Icelandic salt.


Try a cold brew

What to Drink

From the window you can see the decorative Oji Cold Drip Coffee Tower letting the beverage trickle through, drop by drop. You can combine a cold brew, which is much less acidic, with the popular Brain Milk. This isn’t as bad as it sounds! Rawligion claim it’s great for cognitive function, containing myco extract, centella, brahami, vanilla, walnuts and medjool dates, it’ll create a sweet latte morning kick.


Rawligion play around with the juices by adding botanicals, try the Poseidon’s Trident (middle) or John Dee (right) for that extra boost

If juice is your thing, head over to the botanical section, where the team add extracts to raw juices for that extra health kick. Sip on the, slightly terrifying but nutrient dense, Poseidon’s Trident complete with fennel, lime, sugar kelp, sea salt and… chlorophyll (well if it works for the plants). Or go full on with the black John Dee which many claim to be invigorating with its charcoal, Icelandic black volcanic salt, ginger, grapefruit and lime. Hitting all the senses.


Find Rawligion round the corner from Goodge Street tube station

Best for…

Want a health kick that you can trust? Stop by Rawligion for your lunch and we promise you won’t be disappointed. Gaining a firm set of regulars, only in its second month of opening, speaks volumes.

Don’t Miss

The raw chocolates, heavenly dense and ultra addictive. Wash it down with one of their smoothies, such as the Bluerella with almond milk, blueberry, banana, chloroella and date, or the mighty Pure Protein with almond butter, banana, almond milk, hemp protein, maple syrup and vanilla.

Rawligion | 3 Tottenham Street, W1T 2AF | Monday-Sunday: 7am-7pm

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