Keep an eye out for MAMIE’S Breton crêperie opening this July with its very own Cidrothèque (mais, oui!). We get behind-the-scenes with founder Aymeric Peurois

Tell us about the journey from France to London for MAMIE’S

When my family first moved to London we found great French libraries, cinemas and restaurants, but no authentic Breton crêperies! We used to joke around hoping that somebody would end up opening one, so when I left my job in finance in 2014, my career change was a no-brainer. I made the transition through working part-time in my old job in London, and part-time as a waiter in a Parisian crêperie.

MAMIE'S Creperie

MAMIE’S opens this November

What is the story behind the name?

MAMIE’S pays homage to my very own grandmother, she is the one who got me hooked on crêpes from a very young age.

‘Mamie’ is the French word for granny. MAMIE’S pays homage to my very own grandmother, she is the one who got me hooked on crêpes from a very young age. Some of my most cherished memories are afternoon crêpes baked by ‘mamie’ and family meals consisting of galettes. Brittany and Great Britain are historically and culturally linked; so it’s about time we bring the Breton crêperie to London!

What is the secret to MAMIE’S great tasting crêpes?

The secret to great tasting crêpes and galettes is to stick to the basics and follow tradition. An old Breton saying goes “there are as many different crêpe batter recipes as bell towers in Brittany” (and there’s a church in every little village!). Bretons will still agree upon a few things: whether for crêpes or galettes, the batter has to be handmade and fresh, with quality ingredients for fillings.

MAMIE'S creperie

Go for a savoury galette at MAMIE’S

Tell us the difference between the crêpe and a galette?

Crêpe batter is made from wheat flour, milk and sugar – it is sweet even when enjoyed plain. The galette batter is made of buckwheat flour, water and a pinch of salt, making them gluten-free. Galettes are usually enjoyed with savoury ingredients, as a main course, but because they are naturally neither salty, nor sweet, they can also be eaten with sweet fillings. Nowadays most crêpes are served either with savoury or sweet ingredients, however at MAMIE’S, there is no such thing as a savoury crêpe – we will only serve you galettes!

What do you recommend pairing on the menu?

A galette and crêpe meal in Brittany is always paired with cider! We even drink it in a little bowl called “bolée” rather than a glass, and because of the wealth of flavours to be explored at MAMIE’S, we wanted to have matching cider options, hence the wide range of cider choices.

Galette tapas

Galette tapas

The Cidrothèque sounds fun! Where will the cider be sourced from?

Most of MAMIE’S ciders will be sourced from Brittany and the UK, the Cidrothèque is meant to be a social, lively place where people will come to meet with friends, discover or re-discover cider/cider cocktails and share a plate of Breton galette tapas.

Which ciders shall we keep an eye out for?

It’s a tough choice as they all have different qualities and characteristics. Keep an eye out for Eric Baron’s Cuvée Carpe Diem, a rather sweet but incredibly well balanced cider, fermented in oak casks in Finistère (the most western Breton region). Another exceptional cider is La Belle Vilaine Brut, straight out of Thierry Mounier’s one-man, entirely organic operation. This cider was awarded the silver medal at the 2016 French National Agricultural Contest. I love it for its slightly more rural character complemented by the finesse of its bubbles.


Keep an eye out for the ciders at MAMIE’S

 Favourite food and drink #LocalLoves in London?

Because I grew up in the Alps, I love High Street Kensington’s Bodo’s Schloss, a unique Austrian/Ski dining and clubbing experience! I also visit Chez Antoinette in Covent Garden, Kua ‘Aina in Soho, and The Bike Shed in Shoreditch fairly often. Made in Little France, based in Angel, import and sell amazing quality French wines for great prices.

MAMIE’S | 19 Catherine Street, WC2B 5BJS | Opens in November

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