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Here’s a few top tips and recommendations to get your feasting on for International Sushi Day…

Make your own Nigiri: SUSHISAMBA

Take part in a special interactive “make your own” nigiri course. Learn from the pros as you make nigiri using a selection of seafood, vegetables, fruit, garnishes and sauces.  Feast on delicious nigiri, thin slices of fish pressed by hand into rice and served with nori (seaweed). Go for tuna, salmon, yellowtail, whitefish and shrimp, or make it veggie with avocado, cucumber, takuwan, mushroom and mango. Pimp it up with a garnish of jalapeño, scallion, tempura flake and spicy mayo or truffle aioli as examples.

SUSHISAMBA | Heron Tower, 110 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4AY

Eat: Murakami

Decision-making is not easy at Murakami… but their signature rolls are a must. A stand-out favourite is the Volcano Roll of salmon, tuna, yellowtail, tobiko, avocado, and spring onion deep-fried in tempura (it tastes as good as it looks), while their Murakami Roll of salmon sashimi, spicy tuna, yellowtail, avocado and spring onion in a cucumber sheet is refreshing, while still retaining a great depth of flavour.

Enjoy all this alongside drinks from their wide selection of sake, beers, and Japanese cocktails.

Murakami | 63-66 St Martin’s Lane, London WC2N 4JS

Izakaya Experience: Sosharu

Sosharu takes on the form of izakaya-style dining – Japanese pub – and throws in beautiful presentation, (no gimmicks, we promise). Start off with the Bream Sashimi, shichimi and crispy potato – it’s so beautiful we didn’t know where to begin (other than to pause for a while as we instagrammed), but once we did we forgot about the presentation. Move on to the Open Temaki – a sophisticated and crunchy take on the hand-roll. Our only issue, that there was only one per portion.

Sosharu | 64 Turnmill St, London EC1M 5RR

Tuna Sashimi Pizza: Kurobuta

We love the variety of Kurobuta’s dishes from the snacks, raw dishes, highlights and Junk Food Japan. Start things off with Sweet Potato and Soba-Ko Fries with kimchee mayo and jalapeño sauce and then move onto the Salmon Sashimi with Kizami Wasabi Salsa and Yuzu Soy, for a refreshing citrus kick.

The menu throws a nod to Hallsworth’s fascination with Junk Food Japan with the Miso Grilled Hot Wings, deliciously moreish and sticky, then continuing the journey with the Tuna Sashimi Pizza, a signature dish that’s not worth missing!

Kurobuta |

Top Sushi-Making Tips

  • Apply the rice to the rough side of your seaweed sheet, not the shiny side
  • Never squish (to use the technical term) the rice between your fingers
  • Before rolling, make sure your seaweed sheet is 5 rungs up from the bottom of your rolling mat
  • Roll your sushi with a firm hand and in 4 steps, squaring the sushi rolling mat with each turn (this square shape is key to a well-structured roll)
  • When making nigiri, remember it’s only supposed to be one bite so don’t overdo the rice

Murakami | 63-66 St Martin’s Lane, London WC2N 4JS

Recipe: Donburi from Kyonocha

Delve into Japanese cuisine in your own home with this quick recipe from KyonochaDonburi in Japanese cooking refers to a bowl of cooked rice with different toppings of meat, fish or vegetables. Kaisendon/Kaisen Doburi is the term for Seafood Donburi.

Click here for recipe

Kyonocha | 49 Brixton Station Road, London SW9 8PQ

Drink: Sushi and Sake pairing tips

Make your feast complete with these Sake and sushi tips. Sake is one of the only alcohols in the world that has all 20 amino acids, the basic building blocks of protein, so therefore is perfect for food pairing

Nihonshu Wa Ryori Wo Erabanai – As the saying goes ‘sake does not get into a fight with food’. A lighter, crispy clean sake such as Ginjo or a Dai-Ginjo sake are perfect!

SUSHISAMBA | Heron Tower, 110 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4AY

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