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When you settle down for a movie marathon, do you think about the popcorn you cradle? From street-food vendors to household names, we’ve put together a spotlight on our corny friend – here’s our pick of the best popcorn.

1. Best for light and fun… Propercorn (pictured above)

Whether you’re after a savoury or sweet snack, Propercorn‘s fun flavours will sate any rumbling tummy; and despite keeping the calories low, they’re still super tasty. Why not try replacing the nachos – cinema staple – with the Fiery Worcester Sauce and Sun-Dried Tomato flavour or the usual bag of peanut M&Ms with the Smooth Peanut and Almond?

Pop fact: They use an all-natural process to make their smooth peanut and almond flavour, which squeezes out 88% of the oils found in roasted nuts, reducing the calorie count of each pack while keeping a wonderful depth of flavour and all the nutty goodness!

Propercorn | Single pack: £0.90 & sharing pack £1.69

2. Best for parties… Drum & Kernel


Never mind an Oscar… 10 bags please!

Perfectly popped and a delicious mix of salty and sweet, this is ideal for those who love traditional corn. Reminiscent of the beloved, original cinema snack, it comes in similar sizes – large, larger and largest – and whether you’re watching the Oscars or gathering your friends for a movie night, it’s guaranteed to disappear in seconds. It’s also vegan, gluten-free and nut-free so will please even your fussiest guests!

Pop fact: Drum & Kernel were London’s first kettle popcorn producers. Well-known in the USA, kettle corn is generally made outside and hand-popped in small batches in a giant stainless steel kettle. The staff even have to wear safety gear while they’re popping!

Drum & Kernel | Price varies from £2 for a ‘mini’ bag to £4.80 for a jumbo bag | You can find them at markets and events across London every weekend. Saturdays: Broadway Market E8 & North Cross Road SE22; Sundays: Herne Hill Farmer’s Market SE24 & Alexandra Palace Market N10; First Sunday of the Month: West Norwood Feast SE27 | Check Twitter & Facebook for details.

3. Best for a sweet tooth… Tyrrells Poshcorn


This popcorn collection is not for the faint hearted! Specialising in sweet recipes, their popcorn leaves you with a sugar high, as all their kernels start with a coating of golden caster sugar, giving the popcorn a caramel base. The coconut & caramel variety is moreish, and the sweet selection will satisfy the taste buds of those who crave a traditionally sweet snack. Tried and tested.

Pop fact: They use gold standard “butterfly” popcorn kernels (yes, there’s more than one type of kernel!), which is special because it opens up and ensures the seasoning sticks in all the nooks and crannies.

Tyrells | Big Bag: £1.59/ Small Bag: £0.79/ Multipack: £1.99

4. Best for snacking… Popcorn Kitchen

popcorn kitchen

The natural and subtle flavours in Popcorn Kitchen‘s corn provide a great twist on old classics – making an appetising addition to your usual boring lunch, or ideal as a tasty TV snack. The Sea Salt and Olive Oil flavour in particular is refreshingly light, and almost tastes healthy! If you’re looking for a lighter snack, we recommend reaching for one of their deliciously savoury bags.

Pop fact: They only use real ingredients you can find in your kitchen cupboard and have only five ingredients across the whole range of four products!

Popcorn Kitchen | £0.99/small bag or £1.99/large bag 

5. Best for date night… Joe & Sephs

Joe & Seph's

Known for their gourmet and adventurous flavours (they have 40 in total!), this popcorn is the perfect choice for date night, adding a bit of luxury to the normal night spent at home on the sofa. You can try something new together– their boozy Gin & Tonic is a particular favourite – or indulge in the deliciously sweet and crunchy Salted Caramel pouch. These flavoursome corns are so tempting you won’t want to share them with your date! Netflix and ‘corn this Valentine’s Day anyone?

Pop fact: They use an innovative “flavour-sequencing” technique, where the individual taste elements “unlock” as you’re crunching on the popcorn, and lead to Joseph being nicknamed “the Willy Wonka of popcorn”!

Joe & Seph’s | Starts at £4.00 for 90g

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