Fifth Dimension Chocolates is the award-winning chocolatier specialising in luxury handmade chocolates, which was founded in 2013 by Russell Pullan and Albert Chau. Having worked in radio/television (Russell), and developing medicine (Albert), they decided to shake up their careers and started making chocolates. Lucky us! We find out more…

Three words to describe Fifth Dimension Chocolates

Creative, adventurous, innovative.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

For our filled chocolates, inspiration comes from our travels and culinary experiences. We love travelling and trying out the local cuisine. We also enjoy eating out, and we often look at how chefs come up with unexpected combinations of flavours or innovative uses of ingredients.

Fifth Dimension's Albert and Russell

Fifth Dimension’s Albert and Russell

What are your favourite ingredients to use in the chocolates?

Well, first of all, chocolate! We like to use fresh herbs and spices to infuse into the cream for ganache-based chocolates, and ingredients that will give an extra dimension to the flavour – for example, an umami taste on top of saltiness and sweetness in our soy caramel.

And the most unusual combinations?

Meaux, our whole grain mustard chocolate, must be one of the most unusual: the mustard is infused into the cream and chocolate to create the ganache. The inspiration comes from the gravy that Russell makes for his Sunday roast – he always adds some whole grain mustard into the gravy. Sydney, our mint and miso chocolate released this season, is another interesting combination, as it’s very much an “East meets West” fusion of flavours.

How did you choose your fillings for the chocolates from around the world?

We started with the dishes that we liked, found out how they were made, and then worked out what key ingredients we wanted to incorporate into the chocolates. For example, there are so many ingredients in the South African dish Bobotie, but the two main ingredients that jumped out were the curry spices and the sweet raisins in the dish. So that’s how we came up with our curry and raisins chocolate, called Cape Town – the city where our good friend, Jane, came from originally, who introduced us to this
wonderful dish.


Sydney: the mint and miso chocolate

Where do you source your ingredients?

We only use chocolate made with fine flavour cacao from Colombia and Bolivia. Less than 20% of the world’s cacao is considered fine flavour, and they are mainly grown in South America. As for the other ingredients, we select the best quality ingredients that we can find. Some ingredients, such as basil and mint, usually come from our own greenhouse.

Albert, you have a background in science… does this come through in your experimentation when making the chocolates?

Yes, understanding the science in food and cooking helps us work with flavour and texture, and appreciate why sometimes certain things don’t work – after all, not all experiments are successful. A scientific background also gives us the discipline required for product development, as well as chocolate production.

Any tips for anyone making their own chocolates at home?

Start with truffles, as you don’t need a chocolate mould or special equipment – that’s how we started. The very first chocolates we made were truffles from one of Delia Smith’s cookbooks. We made them for a Christmas dinner with friends. And use good quality chocolate!

The Journey Box makes a great gift

The Journey Box makes a great gift

What would make the perfect chocolate Christmas gift?

Our Journey Box is a good introduction to our chocolates – it contains a mixture of more classic flavours (hazelnut gianduja, house dark), some more exotic flavours (yuzu and pink peppercorn, lemon chutney), and caramels with our own twist (soy caramel, stout caramel). Try the “guess the flavour” game without looking at the menu first! Our pâte de fruits, Chocwich, works really well with wine, so have a go at your own wine and chocolate pairings!

And any recipes we can make with the chocolates?

Our single-origin Tablettes (chocolate bars) with different cacao percentages all have different flavour profiles, as the cacao are from different regions. Simply try making chocolate ice-cream with each bar and you’ll discover the difference in taste. We love making Baked Alaska, and our Colombia 70% dark chocolate ice-cream seems to work best.

Fifth Dimension Chocolates has recently won three prizes at the International Chocolate Awards World Final for their luxury handmade filled chocolates: a prestigious Gold for their New York – Apple and Calvados Caramel; Bronze prizes for their Hong Kong – Soy Caramel and Kagoshima – Yuzu and Pink Peppercorn chocolates.

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Fifth Dimension Chocolates | Get making this recipe: Chocolate Baked Alaska with mango and passion fruit from Fifth Dimension Chocolates

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