After four years in the London street food scene, Breddos Tacos has opened its first permanent Taqueria, with a menu focusing on regional Mexican and Pocho (Mexican-American) cuisine using the best of British produce. We go behind the scenes with the co-founders Nud Dudhia and Chris Whitney

How did Breddos Tacos begin?

In a makeshift taco shack in a car park in Hackney. We’ve come a long way and done a lot since then – street food festivals, events, festivals… and now our first permanent restaurant!

Describe Breddos Tacos in three words…

California meets Mexico.

Breddos Tacos

Co-founders of Breddos Tacos, Chris Whitney and Nud Dudhia

Can you tell us a bit about your food travels and discoveries?

We’ve travelled throughout America and Mexico eating and the best (and worst!) taco stands restaurants and bars we could find. The process was as much about discovery as it was education, and it has directly inspired what we’re doing and dishing up at Breddos Taqueria.

Where do you find inspiration for your dishes?

By eating as varied and interesting food as we can and not having any boundaries in terms of the flavours we use.

Street food, residencies, pop ups, and now a restaurant: tell us about the journey…

It’s been a long journey filled with mistakes and luck. We never made any money out of the residencies, we’ve done but we’ve learnt a lot about how restaurants operate, profits and loss, and whether or not it was something we wanted to do… I think that’s the point of doing them and vital before you throw yourself into something permanent.

Breddos Tacos5

Breddos Taqueria

What can we expect at Breddos Taqueria?

Lots of new dishes. With a bricks and mortar restaurant and a proper kitchen, we’ve got a lot of scope to do more. We’ll be making fresh tortillas in the restaurant, and we’ve got a huge wood grill in there too.

What new dishes should we look out for at Breddos Taqueria?

Some of the highlights on the menu are larger sharing dishes including Beef Rib Birria, and Kung Pao Pork Belly Quesadillas. Look out for a continuation of the street food menus, with dishes like Sea Urchin Tostadas. We’ll be open breakfast through to dinner, with daily changing lunch specials, so there’ll be lots to try!

Breddos Taqueria

Just LOOK at those tacos!

What ingredients could you not live without in your kitchen?

Chillies – they are so versatile and add so much depth to dishes. We couldn’t do without them.

Your top food and drink, local loves in London?

P.Franco in Clapton – it’s a quiet spot with great wines.

Breddos Tacos 

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