We speak to Arnaud Stevens, chef patron of Sixtyone and find out about his fascination with ingredients and seasonality. This restaurant in Marylebone serves food with big, bold flavours inspired by Arnaud’s travels…

Sixtyone is inspired by ingredient seasonality. What ingredients express each season for you?

Winter is game; autumn is ceps; spring is lamb and rhubarb; and summer is French and Italian tomatoes.

You grew up in France. What is the dish that takes you straight back there?

Soupe de Poissons.

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Describe Sixtyone in three words?

Organic. Quality. Welcoming.

You’ve been using Butcher’s Gin, which is inspired by the seven herbs and spices used for Secreto 7. What makes this gin special?

The fermentation process, making use of beef bones, makes the gin so unique.

Tell us about the Classic Martini served at Sixtyone. What makes this plus the Butchers Gin the perfect match?

At Sixtyone, we believe in the harmony of cooking, the harmony of plating, and the harmony between the people – us and our customers. While tasting the Butchers Gin, I was touched by a unique harmony between the spices, herbs and a delicate beef note.

The Classic Martini served at Sixtyone can be enjoyed as an aperitif, it will prepare you for the next journey, as nothing can do! And it can be enjoyed during dinner – its buttery delicate notes makes it the perfect combination with food.

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What is your ideal collaboration?

Working with my pastry chef, Romi – her dessert of Caramelia, peanut and banana.

Back to Sixtyone, what can guests look forward to in 2016?

More innovation, more bold flavours and a team that strives to welcome you even more.

And your favourite places in London for food and inspiration?

The Greenhouse Restaurant (Mayfair), La Trompette (Chiswick), Lyle’s (Shoreditch), and The Coach (Marlow)

Sixtyone | 61 Upper Berkeley Street, London, W1H 7PP

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