Crowned Chef of the Year at The YBFs in 2015, Adam Rawson is renowned for his tasty and innovative dishes influenced by his global travels. We find out a bit more…

Describe your cooking style.

I always saw ingredients as an important factor to my cooking style. My travels and experience of working in different  restaurants has inspired me to cook with ingredients from all over the world using different techniques that I’ve learned. I’d describe it as an international style but I like doing things simply these days too.

Milk cheesecake with Japanese sansho, from Adam’s #Rawmen pop up

Tell us about your travels…

I started my traveling last year with a holiday in San Sebastian – the perfect trip, as we did a Basque country pop-up which was hugely successful. Sardinia was a great for tasting local food and I found amazing ingredients there. We decided to spend a year doing pop-ups based around countries or regions well known for their local cuisine, whilst tasting local wines along the way. That was the best learning experience of my life so far and it helped shape my cooking style! 

Where else did you go?

We also went to Morocco, Tuscany, Croatia, Piedmont, Hungary, Catalonia, Portugal and finally Japan twice this year! I’d recommend that kind of experience to any chef.

What were your favourite food discoveries along the way? 

I’d say that I thought Croatia (mainly Istria) would be a food destination I’d love to go back to again. Every country has something amazing to offer whilst also having things that aren’t that great… which is a beautiful thing! 

What has been your favourite creation so far?  

Such a hard question! I think I haven’t created it yet!

You were crowned Chef of the Year at the YBFs 2015 – what tips do you have for those in the food industry?  

Be yourself, cook what you enjoy eating!

Catch Adam Rawson’s mini burgers at Bite Me Burger Co

2x Slider Decider winner – what would be your dream ultimate slider?  

Again, very hard question, for me a good slider can’t be made without good meat and a bun and needs to be simple so you can taste every component. It’s only 2 mouthfuls after all! I suppose you’ll have to wait til slider decider this year, it’ll be tough to retain the crown 3 years in a row 

What do you have planned next?  

Well, I’m opening a restaurant in Notting Hill very soon! 

Your #streeteatsloves in London

I’ve not adventured too much in London this year but when I do I like to keep it simple! I love what som saa, my friends from TaTa Eatery and Lurra (Donostia) are doing.

Catch more of Adam Rawson‘s dishes at Bite Me Burger Co | 38 Kingsway, London WC2B 6EY

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