It started with an old folk tale – and it ended with “happily ever after” as Silent Pool Gin was born.

When chatting to illustrator Laura Barrett, who turned her skill for fairy tale drawings to another (less tame) use, namely decorating the newly launched Silent Pool Gin bottle, we discovered that this bottle has a story to tell.

Laura created 24 intricate illustrations depicting each botanical used in creating Silent Pool Gin. And if you look closely, hidden among the web of botanicals are two important characters: a fair maiden and a knight in shining armour (with a deadly twist).

The tale goes…

In the 13th century, deep in the Surrey Hills, there was once a beautiful young woodcutter’s daughter. Minding her own business, the girl was bathing naked in the beautiful nature pool (as you do in ye olde times). Spying a rider on horseback, she didn’t have time to snatch her clothes from the bank so, to protect her modesty, moved towards the deeper part of the lake. The stranger, intrigued, tried to lure her out of the water.

Afraid for her life, the girl screamed, and fled further, lost her ability to swim (all of a sudden) and drowned. Legend has it, the rider was Prince John, unofficial Regent to his brother King Richard. To this day, the ghost of the drowned maiden is said to haunt the lake at midnight, floating eerily above the misty waters.


At the Silent Pool Gin launch, Hix Gallery

Fast forward to the 21st-century

Drawn in by the magical Silent Pool, a group of friends set up a distillery on the site of a number of dilapidated farm buildings on the Duke of Northumberland’s Estate – next to the mythical pool. Silent Pool Distillers was born.

Using the spring-fed legendary waters, Silent Pool Gin is created with traditional copper stills and a vintage wood-fired steam boiler – all in the name of sustainability.

A brief introduction to gin-making

Building on his years of experience in bars and restaurants in New York, master distiller Cory Mason set to work on creating a gin with a difference. Most gins are produced with a small list of botanicals, soaked overnight in neutral spirit and then distilled in a pot still. For lighter gins, a neutral spirit is passed through a basket of botanicals.

Unlike other gins, Silent Pool is distilled through a column. To cut a long story short, each botanical can be broken down – capturing only the section that is desired.

Tricky stuff. We tried the gin. It. Is. Good. Full bodied yet fresh, you may get hints of juniper, lavender and camomile – perfect for a classic G&T, mixed to create cocktails (like a good old Collins), and straight – for the hardcore among you.

Perfect Christmas gift


Silent Pool Gin… just look at those glasses

You can buy the brand new, high-quality Silent Pool Gin from these stockists, or skip down to the following London spots:

Gerry’s, 74 Old Compton Street, London W1D 4UW

Soho Wines, 18 Great Percy Street, London W1T 1DX

Whisky Exchange, 1 Bank End, London SE1 9BU

Wholefoods, The Barkers Building, 63-97 Kensington High Street, London W8 5SE

Silent Pool Gin | £39.99/£57.13 per litre

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