Don’t let that leftover turkey go to waste. Michelin-star chef Steve Smith, of Bohemia restaurant, shares a turkey sandwich with a difference, featuring cream cheese, apple, celery, pecan and mizuna on multispeed/rye bread. Boxing day sorted.

Makes 4 | Ingredients

8 slices of rye/multispeed bread
10 generous slices white turkey meat
100 grams sliced/ flaked turkey leg meat
1 granny smith apple sliced
24 pecan nuts roughly chopped
1 stick celery finely chopped
40g mizuna
120g cream cheese or Philadelphia
Salt and pepper
2 tbsp hazelnut vinaigrette
25g butter


1. Butter all of the bread. Divide the cream cheese between 4 slices of the bread and spread evenly.

2. Sprinkle the pecan nuts and celery over. Divide the brown turkey meat between the sandwiches and cover with sliced apple. Season with salt and pepper.

3. Mix the mizuna with a little hazelnut dressing, place on top of the turkey meat.

4. Layer the white turkey meat on top, and the remaining slice of bread. Cut with a sharp serrated knife and serve.

Bohemia Bar & Restaurant | Green Street, St. Helier, Jersey JE2 4UH, Channel Islands 

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