We have entered the UK Blog Awards this year, and instead of blowing our own trumpet, here are 10 surefire reasons why you shouldn’t vote for us… 

Tootopia Festival Map

1. You don’t want free access to some of the best food and drink festivals, restaurants and street food hot spots through our competitions? Thought not.

Make your own Kari Laksa with Malaysia Kitchen's recipe

2. Can’t cook, won’t cook? Recipes from top chefs straight to your inbox… nah, takeaway for one please.

3. You care about street food as much as a hole in the head. Big, fat chains all the way.

swedish table

4. Travel guides? You like your sofa far too much to take us up on an edible tour of some far-fetched European city. Pah.

Simmons van

5. You hate to be the first to hear about the small vendors about to make it big in the restaurant world. Shh, leave it to the big dogs.

Sexy Burger

6. Can’t abide a juicy looking burger popping up on your Twitter feed… Are you human?


7. You like the pub 20 metres from your house, you’re sticking to it. Who needs an Oyster? Or an imagination for that matter.


8. You don’t believe in… micro breweries, small distilleries or self-taught gin-makers. It’s all a myth, everything comes from the big factory of alcohol in the sky.

'Rude fruit' by Emma Rios. Take a look at more food #photography, experimental chocolate tasting and more at yeh British Museum of Food @bmof_london by @bompasandparr

9. You’d like to remain firmly oblivious to what happens in the kitchen… it’s the chef’s domain, hand over the plate, no questions asked.

pork shank

10. Prefer your food blogs to provide neat star ratings, racks of bias and lots of “nom”? We’re not for you.

We’re not another food critic. We don’t claim to be experts. We don’t review. We share exciting culinary experiences, food innovation and the stories behind the inspiration. London’s a big city – our mission is to make it your local.

If you disagree with all (or most) of our 10 points, we hope we’ve earned your vote. We’ve entered two categories: Food and Drink + Events. Click here to VOTE NOW! Thank you for your support. Happy feasting.

Photography: 1. Tootopia; 2. Malaysia Kitchen; 3. Vinn Goute; 4. Cheryl Fernandes; 5. Foodies Festival; 6. Magic Roundabout; 7. OktoberFeast; 8. Silent Pool Gin; 9. ‘Rude fruit’ by Emma Rios, Bompas & Parr; 10. Bavarian Beer House

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