The Real Wine Fair 2016

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Fancy spending your weekend tasting some of the best artisan wines from around the world? It’s time to try out The Real Wine Fair 2016.

What is it?

On Sunday 17 and Monday 18 April over 160 natural winemakers from around the world will be packing themselves into East London’s Tobacco Dock for the return of The Real Wine Fair. The event is aimed at celebrating artisan winemakers, while also trying to convince us lot to embrace organically, biodynamically and naturally made wines.

Alongside all the tasting and drinking, you’ll also have the chance to listen to some superb guest speakers and seminars talks; plus visit the onsite wine shop and a great selection of restaurant pop-ups, including Ottolenghi’s Nopi (the best type of eating, as it’s basically compulsory, seeing as all the wine you’ll be tasting will require soaking up).

Why You Should Be Going…

Aside from having fun tasting all types of fancy new wines (eg getting properly trollied on posh stuff) and not suffer a hangover (yep that’s right, natural wine doesn’t give you a hangover), The Real Wine Fair should be on your radar for a number of health, environment and taste reasons too.

We’re a nation of discerning foodies and increasingly realise the importance of food provenance and quality as well as the importance of avoiding nasty preservatives and additives. However, if we care so much about what we eat, shouldn’t we also feel the same about what we drink? Wine can contain a huge number of chemicals and additives that are not indicated on the label, while the demand for sustainable farming methods and quality produce is minimal in comparison to what is expected of other industries.

The Real Wine Fair showcases great natural wines crafted by artisans who care – not only do they prescribe to the “low intervention and nothing added” philosophy of natural wine making but they’re also hot on using environmentally friendly and sustainably responsible farming methods.

If you’re curious about wine in general then that’s a sure reason to go and explore what’s on offer, but if you also care about the provenance and quality of what you’re drinking, then this fair is a must.

Don’t miss…

Keep things local and scout out Forty Hall – a team of winemakers nutty enough to run an organic vineyard in north London.


17-18 April 2016 at Tobacco Dock in Wapping, London.

The Real Wine Fair | Tobacco Dock, Tobacco Quay, Wapping Lane, London E1W 2SF

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