Oxford Sandy with Egg, Porchetta on the Bar.

Oxford Sandy with egg, porchetta on the bar.

I’m in a slumber and pigs float above in my vision. Wait, no that would be sheep when you’re about to sleep? Oh wait, it’s counting sheep, I’m completely wrong again: these pigs are confusing me.

Blackfoot is a small restaurant tucked away on Exmouth Market’s narrow strip of restaurants and bars, dedicated to the consumption of pig. Across London you can find joints for the cow, sheds and barnyards for the chicken, places for fish, the list goes on, so it’s quite exciting to have an excuse to officially ‘pig out’. I’ll try to avoid the puns.

In the surge of sourcing local produce that’s taken over, it’s pleasing to know that most of these pigs are local, British bred. You’ll even appreciate knowing that they’ve been able to play outdoors in that rare thing called British sunlight (if you’re not particularly sentimental about what happens next to these pigs in the food chain).

The menu at Blackfoot is everything you’d hope for if you’re a pork lover: cured meats to try include Spanish Trevelez Jamon, Salami Piccolino, Pancetta and a few others.

Mains are a tougher choice: do I go for the ribs, or The Long Smoke – an Applewood chip smoked belly, crusted with Sichuan pepper, black pepper and star anise? Maybe I’ll go for the Porchetta, roasted pork loin and belly, rolled and stuffed with fennel, sage and rosemary. This pork malarkey is harder than I thought.

I opt for the Ibérico Burger, whilst my companions go for the Spare Rib Steak and the Maple Bacon dish. My burger arrives and I have to save all dignity as I literally pig out (sorry, just the once more). The Ibérico burger has a delicious patty, with maple cured bacon, quince aioli and roasted shallots. It’s just right: enhanced by the subtle sweet flavours that embrace the smokiness of the meat. I devour everything on that plate, the soft, buttery salad included. My side of chips (as an afterthought) is crunchy and salty, and also devoured.

Dishes at Blackfoot, sign at the entrance, Rhubarb fool

Dishes at Blackfoot, sign at the entrance, rhubarb fool

The spare rib steak is cooked to perfection: the right consistency of texture and salt, whilst the maple bacon is an enjoyable dish, that’s particularly enriched by the chipotle ketchup. That delicious chipotle ketchup is a favourite with all us.

I’m left feeling overwhelmed and slightly disturbed by my now protruding belly, but there’s more to come with dessert. (Thankfully there’s no mention of pork in that).

There’s a chocolate eclair, as well as a Lemon sorbet with pink fizz – a beautiful bubbly styled dessert, that’s served in a flute. How chic after all that pork. I choose the daily special of the Rhubarb Fool, served in a glass of goat’s curd and topped with honeycomb. If I thought I was full before, there’s no stopping me with that luscious blend of sweet and tart tastes, bathed in mellow creaminess, and finished off with the nutty honeycomb.

Blackfoot impresses with the flavours in their pork dishes; most are reasonably priced. There are, importantly, meat free options, however I think you may be in the wrong place. The restaurant itself is like a small diner, with white tiles and booths that lead to a bright orange room at the back. The wooden chairs in the back funnily have dipped in carved bottoms – it’s clear this is a place you need to sink in and recuperate after all that eating.

I’m finally done and my food slumber has begun. 

Blackfoot | 46 Exmouth Market, London EC1R 4QE


Meal including a main, dessert and drinks is roughly £30.

Thanks to Hannah at Nourish for the top two images.
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