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Talli Joe has brought out a new Discovery Menu for National Curry Week. Take a journey through a few of India’s regional dishes and ingredients…

What to Expect

With National Curry Week taking place over 10-16 October, here’s a great spot to really delve into different regional Indian curries at Talli Joe. A tribute to some of India’s lesser known cuisines, this menu will take on the cooking styles of Rajasthan, North Kerala and  Punjab.

What to Eat

Indulge in the Rajasthani Dahi Papad Ki Sabzi – pappadums in a yoghurt curry served with Bajra Roti and Lasoon chutney, this is a summery dish from the desert state of Rajasthan, where typically green vegetables are harder to come by.


Dahi Papad Ki Sabzi

Travel south to Kerala and taste the Meen Moplah – a sea bream curry served with Vermicelli upma and coconut chutney. This was our favourite – we loved the tastes of the curry leaf and spices. This is inspired by the Moplahs – North Kerala’s Malabar Muslim community, characterised by Arab and Keralan influences.

And for the meat lovers – tuck into the Meat Beli Ram, a spiced lamb mince and chicken curry served with Pao (bread), this is one moreish dish to indulge in.

The new curries are available at £9 throughout the week during lunch and dinner. So put away your usual Korma or Chicken Tikka Masala.


Meat Beli Ram

What to Drink

Head right for Talli Joe’s cocktail menu with flavours and ingredients featuring from across the different regions of India. We give a huge thumbs up to the Talli Ho – whisky, beer syrup, orange bitters, lime and a soda top; as well as the Cutting Chai – Masala tea infused vodka, lime, sugar syrup and egg white.

Don’t Miss

The Pauwas and Chaknas menu. This is a quarter bottle of a cocktail (Pauwa) paired with a Chakna – a tasty bar snack. Great for a quick bite and drink!

Best for

Spice lovers, and those looking to branch out with a few new dishes.

Talli Joe | 152-156 Shaftesbury Ave, London WC2H 8HL

The new curries are available at £9 throughout the week during lunch and dinner. 

National Curry Week takes place over 10-16 October 

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