To enjoy top-quality sushi in an authentic Izakaya setting, head to Murakami and try their new Spring Menu.

What to Expect

The chic interior at Murakami is designed to evoke the five mystical elements of Japanese philosophy (including an impressive back wall of green earth), and this authenticity is reflected in the menu. 

Head chef Rey Sabinosa takes an innovative approach to traditional sushi-making, creating flavour and texture combinations that will please the most ardent of sushi fans.

What to Eat

Decision-making is not easy at Murakami… but their signature rolls are a must.

A stand-out favourite was the Volcano Roll of salmon, tuna, yellowtail, tobiko, avocado, and spring onion deep-fried in tempura (it tastes as good as it looks), while their Murakami Roll of salmon sashimi, spicy tuna, yellowtail, avocado and spring onion in a cucumber sheet is refreshing, while still retaining a great depth of flavour.

Enjoy all this alongside drinks from their wide selection of sake, beers, and Japanese cocktails.

Top Sushi-Making Tips

If the delights on offer at Murakami inspire you to make your own sushi, we have some top tips from a masterclass with the master himself, Rey Sabinosa:

  • Hygiene comes first (obvious but important…)! Don’t sully your sushi rice or ingredients by not using clean hands and equipment
  • Apply the rice to the rough side of your seaweed sheet, not the shiny side

  • Never squish (to use the technical term) the rice between your fingers
  • Before rolling, make sure your seaweed sheet is 5 rungs up from the bottom of your rolling mat

  • Roll your sushi with a firm hand and in 4 steps, squaring the sushi rolling mat with each turn (this square shape is key to a well-structured roll)
  • When making nigiri, remember it’s only supposed to be one bite so don’t overdo the rice
  • Lastly – admire your handiwork and enjoy!

Murakami | 63-66 St Martin’s Lane, London WC2N 4JS

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