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Tacos, tequila and tunes. The fun doesn’t stop at Hackney’s latest taqueria – Del 74

What to Expect

Del 74 on Lower Clapton Road is the perfect pre-night out stop for drinks and tacos at the counter. Del 74 is the brainchild of two taco lovers: Enrique Vivas, creator of Boho Mexica, and Jorge Felizardo who co-launched Taberna Mercado.

Guac’ goals

What to Eat

It’s simple. Share a quesadilla, or two, for your cheese love hit – go for plain, veggie tinga or steak; and throw in fresh guacamole, because a Mexican evening isn’t complete without hitting those guac’ goals.

Moving onto the tacos, expect traditional recipes handed down from Enrique’s Aunt Patty. The menu is short and simple, pretty much Enrique and Jorge’s formula for a great neighbourhood spot. Our favourites included the fish taco of sautéed tilapia topped with home-made salsa in the style of Enrique’s home state of Tabasco. There’s also a barbacoa with slow-cooked leg of lamb topped with coriander. 

But you really have to keep an eye out for Enrique’s cochinita pibil – braised leg of pork with guacamole and red pickled onions with a kick. 

The lime and watermelon margaritas

What to Drink

The margaritas of course. Choose tequila or mezcal, if you’re keen on a smokier flavour, add lime or watermelon, and you’ll be raring to add a few more to your order. Trust us.

Music, tacos and booze at Del 74

Best for

Like we said, this is the pre-night out stop to fill up on tacos and margaritas before heading on out. Add in a few shots, the decor (you’ll know what we mean) and you’re ready to go. Actually you may not even leave. 

Enrique and Jorge

Don’t Miss

There’s just no way you can miss co-owner Jorge bounding around Del 74 to the music. There’s no airs or pretention to this East London venue – simply good music and good vibes to your tacos and booze.

Del 74 Tacos | 87 Lower Clapton Rd, London E5

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