Calling all lovers of Italian food and wine! Kensington-based restaurant Pizzicotto and wine producers Pizzolato are the real deal in authentic, fine Italian produce, and you can buy their produce for yourself. We recommend sampling it in the restaurant as well…

What to Expect

Both Pizzicotto and Pizzolato are small family-run enterprises with a strong focus on the quality, history and character of their produce. Pizzicotto use traditional produce and methods from the Emilia Romagna region, while the Pizzolato vineyard is nestled in the north of Treviso (so you can expect some excellent Prosecco).

Pizzolato became organic in 1991 – one of the first organic wineries in Italy – and in 2007 became sulphite free as well (so no hangover…). If you want an unadulterated taste of Italy, look no further.

pizzicotto pizzolat

Pizzolato offer organic and sulphite-free vino

What to Drink

Settimo Pizzolato, owner of the Pizzolato vineyard, is keen that his wines not only taste excellent (which they do) but also convey the history and expression of the land – these are wines that celebrate their grapes rather than mess around with them.

The Prosecco is, unsurprisingly, a favourite. Fresh, crisp, with clean flavours of white apple and pear, this wine is best drunk within two years of making. The Prosecco Brut is similarly refreshing with a slightly more complex floral taste. If you’re a red fan, the Merlot (blue bottle) is smooth, fruity, and goes down dangerously well, while the Barbarossa will win you over at first sniff – dedicated to Settimo himself, this red is intensely rich and complex, and also wonderfully drinkable.

pizzicotto pizzolat

Don’t forget to share some of Pizzicotto’s cured meats

What to Eat

The cured meats at Pizzicotto are not to be missed. Whether the traditional salami, the mild and delicate lonzino (fillet), or the richly flavoured copa (neck), all are made in stone cellars in Emilia Romagna (unlike brick and concrete, stone breathes thereby allows moisture in), and the Italian fog rolling in over the mountains keeps the meat moist as it cures.

pizzicotto pizzolatpizzicotto pizzolat

Did you know that tagliatelle hails from the Emilia Romagna region?

Their fresh egg tagliatelle is as close to pasta perfection as you’ll find (tagliatelle typically hails from the Emilia Romagna region – order it with their Pork Belly Ragu in the restaurant) and the cheeses at Pizzicotto are on a par with the rest of their top-notch produce. Try nibbling their parmesan (yes, parmesan good enough to eat in chunks) with your Prosecco it’s the new champagne and strawberries.

Don’t Miss

The dragonfly on many of the wine labels is a nod to the host of dragonflies resident on the vineyard itself – a personal touch that reflects the charming personality of the Pizzolato wines.

Where to Buy

Pop along to the Pizzicotto restaurant to choose from a selection of their produce, or visit to order from the Pizzolato vineyard – they don’t have a shop in the UK, but watch this space…

Pizzicotto | 267 Kensington High Street, W8 6NA | Find out more about Pizzicotto family Italian restaurant here…

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