Metre-Long Pizzas at Sartori

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Metre-long pizza at Sartori, Covent Garden

Metre-long pizza at Sartori, Covent Garden

Do you like your pizzas big? I mean, really big? Metre-long pizzas are Sartori’s claim to fame. Of course you’re meant to share, but between how many is entirely up to you…

This lesser known Southern Italian restaurant in Covent Garden isn’t as gimicky as the bigger chains; its success lies in its authenticity. It’s not all about pizza here, there’s plenty of pasta and meat dishes (and more expensive fish meals), but Sartori’s Neapolitan stonebaked pizza recipe – using fresh ingredients from Naples – is too good to miss.

In our group of five we opted for a metre-long pizza – this combines four pizzas of your choice from the menu in a rectangular extravaganza, served on a traditional wooden tray. The stonebaked pizza’s dough could have easily been straight out of Italy, light and crispy at the edges making the crusts less of an accessory to the toppings and more of a perfect pairing.

But then I do love my crusts.

After what can only be described as deliberations of epic proportions (with a parmesan-hater and a mushroom-phobic friend in our midst) we finally decided upon our four options.

It’s a good idea to mix it up a little as a couple of the pizzas are similar. For instance, the Vegetariana differs little from the Toscana, with its peppers, salami and artichokes. Having said this, our tuna, caper and olive option (watch out, no cheese), was a little out there (salt heaven but probably won’t go there again). Whereas, the Rucola quarter, with parma ham, rocket and parmesan, was quickly demolished – great quality meat (and yes, lots of parmesan flakes).

The metre is perfect for five girls to share but guys may want to create another option: there are half metre (equivalent to two pizzas) and three-quarter metre (three pizzas) options that you can combine to your heart’s content.

Its Covent Garden location puts Sartori in the perfect spot for pre- or post-theatre dinners or any occasion, you wouldn’t feel out of place in big groups, on a cosy date evening or even taking a quick bite on your own – one old Italian man popped in by himself and gorged on a pizza in the corner (although I noticed he left all his crusts, tut).

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