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Fill up on authentic, Italian pizza with innovative toppings at new pizzeria, Radio Alice.

What to Expect

Named after a pirate radio station broadcast out of an apartment in Bologna in the 1970s, Radio Alice is the latest opening from brothers Matteo and Salvatore Aloe.

With six years’ experience serving up pizza to Italians in Berbere, their chain of five pizzerias, they have brought their take on the humble pizza to London.

Radio Alice

Brothers, and founders of Radio Alice, Salvatore and Matteo Aloe

What’s more, they enlisted the help of their friend, and Gail’s bakery co-founder, Emma King to realise their dream of feeding the cool crowd that gather in Hoxton Square.

Despite its location and simple, stylish interior, there are none of the gimmicks you might expect. It’s all about the pizza here: a base that’s crisp on the outside and soft on the inside and traditional Italian toppings elevated to new, creative heights.

Radio Alice

Cavolo nero, provolone and mustard pizza at Radio Alice

What to Eat

Fun fact – the base is cooked and sliced before the toppings are added to ensure the perfect distribution. It’s all about the detail. There’s the classic Fiordilatte, tomato, basil, with oozing mozzarella, but don’t be predictable when there’s a menu bursting with great, fresh Italian ingredients.

The selection does, however, require some effort to decipher, unless you’re a regular with Italian cuisine. Google came in handy (who knew that caciocavallo is a type of stretched-curd cheese?), or ask the friendly staff who will be happy to explain the choice of toppings available.

Radio Alice

Prosciutto di Parma, burrata, orange-infused oil and fiordilatte pizza at Radio Alice

If meat’s your thing, you won’t find superlative processed meat toppings here. Instead there are Italian favourites from n’duja to speck, along with unexpected additions, like the Prosciutto di Parma, burrata, orange-infused oil, fiordilatte – with the orange adding sweetness to the succulent prosciutto. For a fresh vegetarian option, there’s the Cavolo nero, provolone, mustard – the sharpness of the mustard perfectly balanced by the mild cheese and steamed greens.

Other British ingredients, such as the classic combination of gorgonzola and walnuts, also feature on the menu, and there’s even a pizza minus the tomato and cheese (mind-blowing!), the Beetroot purée, sautéed leeks, black olives.

Radio Alice

Radio Alice is situated in Hoxton Square

What to Drink

Sourced from small, organic vineyards, the wine served here is exclusive to Radio Alice. The house red and white wines are even more commendable, with the grapes being grown by Libera Terra, a charity aiming to turn unclaimed mafia land into farmland.

There’s also a mix of beers and spirits from Italy and Britain, and a selection of classic Italian cocktails with a splash of the unexpected in the form of British gin, such as the Berto Negroni and the Berto Aperitivo Spritz.

Best for…

If you’re bored of eating your pizza out of a takeaway box, head here for new, exciting flavours. And if you love your Italian meats and cheeses, Radio Alice is a top choice. But you don’t have to be a meat snob to enjoy bloody good pizza, plus the relaxed atmosphere and low-lighting make for a great date or casual dinner with friends.

Radio Alice

Burrata at Radio Alice

Don’t Miss

Although the focus is without doubt the pizza, don’t overlook the selection of simple starters and desserts. The Burrata was served with a sprinkling of oregano and black pepper, while the Anchovies were delicious with a drizzle of oil on bread and butter. Bourbon and vanilla feature in a number of desserts, from Gelato to Affogato, and there is also a selection of Sorbets. Bellissimo!

Radio Alice | 16 Hoxton Square, London N1 6NT

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