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A fabulous winter warmer, why not try this simple Kari Laksa recipe from Malaysia Kitchen?

Kari Laksa | Serves 4

“Laksa is the umbrella term for noodle soups to which there are many varieties in Malaysia, varying from town to town. The curry or Kari Laksa has a mixture of tofu, chicken and seafood. This is our version!”


200g Deli Ben Curry Laksa Paste

1500ml boiling water

200ml coconut milk

100g tofu


375g of Vit’s Air Dried Broad Noodles

15 large prawns, with shells removed

300g of chicken

Deli Ben Crispy Prawn Chilli (to garnish)

Coriander to garnish


1)     Mix 1 packet of curry laksa paste into 1500ml of boiling water.

2)    Add 200ml of coconut milk and the tofu puff. Bring to a quick boil and switch to a low flame.

3)    While the laksa is simmering, cook the chicken and the prawns separately.

4)    Blanch the noodles along with the bean sprouts. Once the noodles are cooked, distribute evenly into 5 bowls.

5)    On top of the noodles, serve the chicken, prawns and mint leaves.

6)    Pour the laksa soup into bowls and serve hot. Enjoy!

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