Last night a floral-infused, Italian spectacle descended on Brick Lane – House of Peroni has landed, and it’s going to be good.
IMG-20150513-WA0014The House of Peroni launch party had everything you’d expect from an Italian shindig: cocktails, Peroni, cheese wheels, waiters in braces, canapés, gallons of olive oil, and ice cream, well, ice-cream cones, albeit head-over-tail in a pink Peroni-topped cocktail. When in Rome…

IMG-20150514-WA0013We can’t wait for Sartori di Sicilia – the Sicilian-inspired street food that will be on offer every Friday. But in the meantime we tasted our way through the delicacies in the Strazzanti shop, where you can purchase authentic Italian ingredients, including a range of cheeses, olive oil, and artichoke, to embark on your own Italian creations at home, like this concoction of almonds, artichoke, basil and tomatoes to die for (below). Serve on toasted bread, attack with a bread stick, or simply a finger. We won’t judge.

IMG-20150514-WA0014It’s not often you can say you got all hot and bothered about a herb garden. But we did. First you had to select your favourite herb from the teaming cart of basil, oregano, rosemary, to name a few, next you shuffle on down and pick a flower of your choice, and finally, greeted by a man who knows what he’s doing with some dry ice (below), your ingredients are fused with a cocktail in what can only be described a conical vase. A great show. If a little fragrant for some. If this sounds like your bag, look out for the Science of Mixology events.

IMG-20150513-WA0015The canapés, including parcels of red shrimp and ground chickpeas (below), and breadcrumbed goats’ cheese balls, were just a hint of things to come at the number of ticketed foodie events happening throughout the month-long residency, under the watchful eye of Michelin-starred chef Accursio Craparo – the brains behind the six-course tasting menu.

IMG-20150514-WA0010Natural sculptor Rebecca Louise Law is the creative spirit behind the dramatic flower installation that frames the piazza and draws you out into the courtyard where you can pick up a pink sorbet, infused with mescal and topped with all-important Peroni. As you do. Take a sip and you really are in Italy. Almost.

Rebecca Louise Law1For more information about the inspiration behind House of Peroni, bars and ticketed events CLICK HERE.

The House of Peroni. 14 May-10 June. 152 Brick Lane.

Tuesday-Friday: 5pm-12am. Saturday:12pm-12am. Sunday: 12pm-10pm. Monday: closed

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