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Our gluten-free writer and explorer Caro, takes us on her recent discovery of Niche, London’s first Coeliac UK accredited 100% gluten-free restaurant, that is dedicated to creating dishes that are just as exciting and indulgent as anywhere else.

“There’s no denying it… I’m a food-lover: I eat, cook and read about food like it’s going out of fashion; not to mention the times I’ve been found sat in the kitchen with Jamie Oliver on the telly, a bowl of pasta in one hand and a cookery book in the other”, says Caro. “There’s just one problem: I was recently diagnosed with Coeliac Disease… and it threw a spanner in the works. My love affair with pastry, freshly-baked bread and all things Italian came to a sudden end. But, along came Niche

“It’s an absolute haven for gluten-freer’s who are craving something a little more indulgent than the normal gf fare of plain chicken breast and salad.”

What to Expect?

Comforting British classics with a gluten-free twist. Think proper bangers and mash with beer-battered onion rings and a jug of rich onion gravy. It’s an absolute haven for gluten-freers who are craving something a little more indulgent than the normal gluten-free fare of plain chicken breast and salad. In fact, the menu caters for all types whether you’re dairy-free, vegetarian or vegan – so everyone’s up for a bit of loving.


What to Try?

The Parmesan and Cheddar Doughnuts are a must. Paired with a sweet Heritage Tomato and Pepper Compote these crunchy, golden delights are a best seller. Ours arrived piping hot and overflowing with melted cheese — delish! Chips are served with pretty much every dish which is cracking, and to finish the White Chocolate and Peanut Butter Blondie Pudding is an indulgence definitely worth saving room for. If you’re feeling virtuous, the Superfood Salad is just as tempting: a generous helping of quinoa, butternut squash, avocado, pomegranate and fresh mint, topped with a sweet raspberry and balsamic beetroot glaze.


Relaxed dining at Niche

“It’s so rare to find gluten-free pastry that genuinely tastes like the real thing that this corker of a quiche is a total triumph!”

Best for…

“Since going gluten-free the one thing I’ve craved more than anything else is pastry. So it seemed only fitting that I should make up for lost time and have one of Niche’s pastry creations for every course”, says Caro. The resounding winner of the pastry-off is the Niche Quiche. The crisp, buttery pastry is total perfection and the rich goat’s cheese filling is beautifully balanced by light, summer herbs. It’s so rare to find gf pastry that genuinely tastes like the real thing that this corker of a quiche is a total triumph!


Don’t Miss…

The pre-theatre menu. Niche is just a stone’s throw away from Sadler’s Wells Theatre which is a good shout seeing as fast food and gluten-free aren’t really a match made in heaven.

Niche | 197-199 Rosebery Ave, London EC1R 4TJ

Stay tuned for more of Caro’s gluten-free discoveries…

© Images: Matt Burlem
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