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Patty & Bun will be collaborating with some of the world’s most exciting chefs for a unique series. Guest chefs will be taking over the kitchen in one-off events to showcase their skills Family Style.

What to Expect?

This is a set menu event. No choices. No faff.

Next to join the lineup is Yossi “Papi” Elad, the “granddaddy” of modern Israeli dining, having helped launch The Palomar. 

The idea for Family Style came from a conversation over an Ari Gold between two Joe’s: restaurant writer and event organiser Joe Warwick, and Patty&Bun owner Joe Grossmann. It’s all about getting great chefs into the P&B kitchen with guests experiencing a fun and informal dining event at a shared table and shared dishes.

What to Eat

Expect fresh Israeli flavours including Arayes – small pita’s stuffed with fish kebab or lamb.

After that is “On the Paper” – fresh and grilled vegetables with 3-way sashimi, moving onto “From the Ovens”. This is sirloin, Holy Land style on smoked bulgur and chilli eggplant salsa.

And don’t miss the Knafeh – Jerusalem style kadaify dough with slightly salted cheese and grilled peaches.

Up Next

Copenhagen’s Rosio Sanchez – owner of Nordic taco emporia Hija de Sanchez and previously at Noma 

London’s (via Lyon) Claude Bosi – recently of the iconic Bibendum where he’s aiming to top the two Michelin stars he held at Hibiscus.

Family Style @ Patty & Bun | 2 Arthaus Building, 205 Richmond Road E8 3NJ | 

Yossi “Papi” Elad Family Style Tickets £64.31 available here

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