Bring on the summer smoothies, juices and al fresco work lunches (where possible in London). We get behind the scenes with MOJO to find out about this Soho juice bar…

Describe MOJO in 3 words…

Healthy, approachable, relaxed.

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MOJO has plenty of lunch options

How did MOJO begin?

It started off as a desire to bring the concept of healthy, nutritious food onto the food scene in London. At MOJO flavour and seasonality is key. We try to keep it a simple concept but keep up-to-date with new food trends in the health and wellness arena.

What dishes and drinks can guests find on the menu?

We offer bespoke juices and smoothies, coffees, teas, fresh infusions, cold-pressed juices and of course breakfast, lunch and the most important thing; clean eating snacks. Lunch is our busiest time, as customers can find daily prepared fresh salads, which they can pair with a protein main.

MOJO juice bar

Smashed avocado & free-range poached egg served on sourdough toast

What kind of ingredients do you use to promote balanced eating and energy for busy Londoners on the go?

We try to make sure that everything is fresh and that we don’t have any refined products or ingredients in house. We aim to offer as balanced a meal as possible, so you hit your carbohydrate, protein and essential fats intake. One of our most popular dishes is our smashed avocado and free-range poached egg served on a local baker’s sourdough toast. For that extra bit of energy, customers like to pair their breakfast with an Organic Matcha Latte (the more ‘balanced’ option for a caffeine hit).

Where do you source your ingredients?

We try to keep it as local as possible. Most of our products are sourced here in the UK – such as our Kombucha from Lois & The Living Teas; our raw chocolate from Well & Happy; or our Sourdough Bread from Bread Bread Bakery in Brixton.

mojo soups and stews

MOJO ensure the salads, soups and stews are always vegan and gluten-free and always have a vegan main protein option.

There’s something for everyone. Tell us about your gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options…

We like challenging ourselves with taking familiar non-vegan/non-gluten-free favourites and making them accessible to everyone. We love our gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan breakfast porridges, made with buckwheat and millet (both gluten-free grains) on a water base. There’s a Golden Porridge option with anti-inflammatory turmeric mix or a savoury option of Rosemary and Oyster Mushrooms. Our salads, soups and stews are always vegan and gluten-free and we always have a vegan main protein option.

What’s your favourite meal and drink on the menu for Spring lunches al Fresco…

My favourite meal to have al fresco would be our large salad box mix with our sustainably-sourced salmon main paired with our Inside Out Glow Juice. 


Which MOJO smoothie?

Your juice or smoothie for:

…an energy boost before work? 3 Gingers Juice – all that Vitamin C & gingers really hit the spot.

…a pre/post-gym fix? Our Work-It-Out Smoothie. Packed with muscle-repairing protein and anti-oxidants from the blueberries, this really is a great dense smoothie to have after a workout.

And an indulgent treat? Our Peanut Butter Indulgence Smoothie. Made with peanuts, almond milk and cacao nibs, this really hits that sweet spot you’d want from a drink.

Favourite food #LocalLoves in London…

I like to treat myself to places where the food  and service is exceptional. OKA Restaurant in Kingly Court, Honey & Co in Fitzrovia and The Coffee Jar in Camden are just a few of my favourites.

MOJO | 8 D’Arblay Street, W1F 8DP 

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