Alex Hoffler and Stacey O’Gorman formed the Meringue Girls after working together in a Hackney restaurant. They bonded over a love of sweet things – particularly the meringue. They’ve been at many foodie events: from street food festivals and markets to weddings and pop ups. We got the chance to meet them at a baking masterclass at L’atelier des Chefs, and learn a few baking tips and find out more about the girls’ plans…

How did the recipes with Currys PC World come up?

Well they approached us. We didn’t really know that Currys PC World did kitchenware, so they got in touch with us to come up with a few recipes and help promote the fact that Currys PC World do lots of products for the kitchen. We’ve made these new recipes with them as we just want people to get creative in the kitchen. That’s what they like about us. We’re fun and quite creative!

We’ve made these new recipes, as we just want people to get creative in the kitchen

Do you have any specific recipes that you think will be great for Christmas that people can make?

We’ve developed a few recipes with Currys PC World, including a three-tiered pavlova for Christmas, with pomegranate, orange, chocolate and gold leaf. It’s pretty great!


You guys are known for your meringues, but we’ve seen a few other sweet products at markets, including the Cookie Muff. What drives you to create new sweet treats?

That’s always going to happen. We’re trained chefs at the core: Stacey’s a savoury, salty lover and I’ve (Alex) got the sweetness. We started the meringues because we saw a gap in the market and a niche, we saw a way to make a name for ourselves. Now we’ve really developed it and expanded our wares. We’re sometimes a bit bored with doing the same thing each day, which has led to this question for us: what can we do that we’re passionate about, as well as keep ahead of the game and keep everyone else excited? It’s all quite natural.

Will meringues always remain at the core?

Yes, they always will, but we do have a few things in the pipeline.

What are your favourite ingredients to use, especially in the meringues? 

Stacey: We’ve got a sweet and salty popcorn one that I love and also a honeycomb and salted peanut meringue.

Alex: Anything new, anything that gets us back in the kitchen.

New baking trends are emerging – there’s the cronut and a few other inventions. What do you think of new baking hybrids?

Hybrids are amazing!

Do you have any top tips for bakers, especially those who are new to it, or those who have a few accidents and want to boost their confidence?

We would say a lot of people are very particular about weighing things to make things to ultimate perfection, but it’s not really the style for meringues as they can be any shape you want. You do need to be accurate with the making of things, but you can be creative with your decorative skills and go a bit wild, without sticking too much to the book. Get a classic sponge and then go nuts on the top, then you won’t have any massive failures!

You can be creative with your decorative skills and go a bit wild, without sticking too much to the book

With the comeback of meringues being your revolution in the street food market scene, do you predict any more dessert revolutions?

We do, we have a few under wraps. We have big plans. Keep an eye out!

Where can we find you to try the meringues and other desserts?

You can find us at Street Feast’s Hawker House ’til December. We’re also at Selfridges and Broadway Market.

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Click here for an all-new Meringue Girl recipe…

Creative baking duo, The Meringue Girls, have partnered with Currys PC World to challenge the nation to try something new in the kitchen with a range of impressive dessert recipes. Visit for all your baking needs
Photography: Alex Wallace
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