Summer isn’t over with a hot pop up taking over Battersea’s Cornish Tiger. Tiger Dram will host a curry and whisky house bringing small, sharing plates and a great list of whiskies and ales. Simply find the secret door and rub the Buddha’s belly to enter. We speak to Zia Trench one of the owners to find out more…

Describe Tiger Dam and Cornish Tiger in 3 words?

Exceptional, interesting food.

Who are the team behind it?

Zia Trench and Sat Bains (owners) as well as Netish Nunnan (Executive Chef).

What is the food concept at Cornish Tiger?

Seasonal British cuisine with Indian and African tones.

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Tell us about the curry and whisky pairing for the new pop up. How do these work together so well?

India consumes more whisky than any other country, so it is no secret that Whisky enhances Indian spices. So, to really experience Indian food, you really must try it with a cheeky dram; whether you are up for a taste bud roller coaster of robust whisky and spicy lamb curry or a creamier dram that slips down nicely with an Indian rice pudding – it’s an experience not to be missed.

How do you deconstruct a curry?

A curry plate of ‘slop’ can hide poor quality fish or meat whereas by delivering a curry in parts, you get to taste the high quality ingredients we use and tailor it to your taste – fish curry deconstructed will melt in the mouth as you experience the subtle, complex components.

Kheer - Indian rice pudding

Kheer – Indian rice pudding

Your favourite ingredients to work with that can transform a dish?

No I can’t! It depends on the dish, the meat, the season…

The naan change each month. What unique flavours have you created?

To date the Stilton and truffle naan is to die for! More gems will be revealed…

Get pairing!

Get pairing!

What dish pairings can you recommend?

Dish and whisky… For newbies to this curry with a dram idea, I would try something smooth and sweet like The Singleton of Duffdown 12 yr old with pulled chicken curry.

Dish and Beer… Beer-wise, our pale (gluten-free) ale with sweet corn and potato pakora (corn fritters) and our ‘mums recipe’ dhal would be a light, healthy option.

Who are your favourite suppliers and traders to work with when sourcing your ingredients?

Our Cornish fish suppliers often turn up with a treat such as oysters or octopus which gets the chefs excited!

Tiger Dram at the Cornish Tiger | 1 Battersea Rise, London SW11 1HG | Tuesday-Sunday | 6-11pm

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