In 2015, juice bar Joe & the Juice got through just over two million kilograms of apples worldwide. That’s a whole lot of apples, and buckets of juice. So we caught up with Kasper Garnell at the Danish headquarters to find out more about the juicing revolution and those oh-so-addictive sandwiches… 

Where and when was Joe & the Juice born?
We started out in Denmark in 2002, and I think we were among one of the first juice bars in the country. Juice was not a big thing. We kinda put it on the map.

Why is juicing so good for us?
There are several reasons. One is that many people don’t get enough vitamins and minerals in their standard diets. Another is that the vitamins and minerals in juice are easily absorbed by the body.
Combine a juice with a rye bread, toasted sandwich of your choice

Combine a juice with a rye bread, toasted sandwich of your choice

I can’t get enough of the Tunacado sandwich, with avocado, tuna, tomato and pesto slapped between two slices of thin, crispy rye bread… What’s the secret?
It’s the way we toast it, combined with the our homemade pesto!

Your number of sandwich and salad offerings is short and sweet. What’s the inspiration behind the simple food menu?
We always look to keep our concept really tight. Rather, a few really good products than a lot semi-good ones.

The music plays a huge part of what you do – who’s behind the mix?
We try to put together the playlists to fit the mood of the bars. It’s very mixed in the morning, but more electronic and upbeat during our busy hours.

Fight away those winter nasties with a nutrient-boosting juice at Joe & the Juice

Fight away those winter nasties with a nutrient-boosting juice at Joe & the Juice

Tell us more about the Joe & the Juice Social Clubs…
What we really want to do is create the most attractive youth culture in the world. To do that, we have to offer an environment where our juicers have the opportunity to socialise across bars and markets. Social Clubs is one of these initiatives. It’s simply clubs, where juicers with common interests meet up and discuss or hang out. It has become very popular, because there are no real restrictions. It can be a coffee club, health club, football club, wine-tasting club. Anything goes, as long as some minimum requirements are met.

So, the burning question… is there a real life Joe?
Joe is actually slang for black coffee: “a cup of joe”. But it also represents us as a culture. Joe is something indefinable, mystical…

What can we look forward to in 2016?
We’re launching our juice-detox outside Denmark in the spring of 2016.

We’ll keep you posted…

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