Want to make your own sushi? Pop Brixton’s Kyonocha have shared three great tips to help you on your way with buying and prepping ingredients.

1. Choosing your ingredients

“My favourite rice is Akita Komachi or Akita Otome both available from the Japan Centre. Both have a very good taste which is essential with sushi: if the sushi rice has no taste then half of your finished sushi dish does not have the full flavour. I like to use the middle cut of a large salmon fillet as this gives the largest cuts for sashimi and nigiri. I prefer to use Scottish Salmon from a decent local fishmonger as it has firmer flesh than Norwegian Salmon and gives the finished sushi or sashimi a firmer bite.”

2. Slicing your fish

“A sharp knife is essential. Always cut your fish across the grain not with the grain, as this keeps the flesh in one piece and gives the finished cut a beautiful appearance.”

3. The perfect rice

Patience is key, definitely! Wash the rice 3 to 4 times, then place in a rice cooker (or use a saucepan the normal way) with equal parts of rice to clean water plus an extra splash of water. So… use 5 cups rice to 5.5 cups of water. Leave this to soak for 30 minutes before cooking, as the rice will start to absorb the water and give a better finish. When the rice is cooked leave this in the rice cooker with the lid closed for at least 12 minutes, as this allows the rice to continue to steam and become a bit fluffier”


And now… make Nigiri…

1. Grab half a handful of cooked sushi rice and massage it gently in your hands into a sausage shape. The key is to be soft with it, to prevent squashing it.

2. Add a thin slice of fish (1.5 inch wide) on top and press this flat with two fingers.

3. Pull down the sides of the fish gently using your fingertips, so that they extend over the rice slightly. 

Kyonocha | kyonocha.myshopify.com | Twitter: @RonLaity  | 49 Brixton Station Road, London SW9 8PQ

Read more about Japanese cooking, tradition and sushi here


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