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Immerse yourself in the jet-set lifestyle of 1950s Jamaica with new rum, Koko Kanu – plus watch how to make a Koko Mojito.

What to Expect

When it comes to making cocktails at home, I’ve never been brave enough to attempt it (due to my lack of ingredients, equipment and skill). So, I was keen to go along to Koko Kanu‘s cocktail masterclass to learn more.

Created at the legendary Wray and Nephew Distillery, which has been making rum for over 150 years, Koko Kanu is a blend of white rums chosen for their natural coconut flavours, aged for at least one year, and charcoal-filtered to ensure that they are crystal clear.

This means your rum cocktail takes on a coconut flavour without the hassle of having to take a hammer to a fresh coconut – and risking losing a thumb in the name of mixology.

What to Try – Koko Mojito

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50ml Koko Kanu
25ml Lime juice
10 Mint leaves
1 tsp Caster sugar
A dash of soda water

Top Three Tips

1. Slap the mint to release the flavour without tearing the leaves, before adding to the glass.

2. Although no fancy shakers or strainers are required, make sure everything is cold – pop the glasses and the bottle of Koko Kanu in the freezer for a few minutes beforehand to chill.

3. Surprisingly, for this recipe you don’t need any equipment at all: just stir (or “churn” wearing my mixologist’s hat) the ingredients together – minus the mint – et voila! Pop in the mint and you’re done.

Best for…

With its stylish packaging and high-quality ingredients, Koko Kanu makes a great Christmas gift that’s more inspiring than the go-to bottle of red. Perfect for friends who fancy themselves as mixologists… and also those who don’t!

Koko Kanu | £19 | Available from Sainsbury’s, Ocado.com and specialist retailers

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